Caleb Sheridan is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, curator, and vintage comic book dealer based in Chicago.

Sheridan’s studio practice investigates managing, negotiating, and dealing with systems, the futility and untapped potential of being an underdog, while floating through the various meanings of value. He explores where the whimsical and serious create multiple conundrums, due to a collapse in meaning, language, and material.

Like his studio practice, Sheridan’s passion for vintage comic books runs deep. Sheridan is fascinated with comics as 20th and 21st century artifacts that convey western mythology, and he has a special interest of how the medium has evolved over the decades due to various social, cultural, and political climate shifts.

When he isn't focusing on his studio practice, or working on tracking down rare, unique comics for his clients, Sheridan spends his time walking, searching for a nice spot in the sun, and getting to know and appreciate the people around him.

caleb sheridan